Customer Service is Key for any Successful Business

In order for a business to succeed, providing an exceptional customer service
should be a part of the company’s culture. Otherwise, you will find your company
struggling in a highly competitive market.

Answer the following questions to identify whether or not the level of
customer service you provide already ranks up there with the best in the industry.

  1. Do you train your employees to know and understand the company’s
    background and core business, so that they could provide customers with
    the information they require?
  2. Do you feel that your employees project good image and
    manner to your customers?
  3. Do you feel that your employees are able to maintain composure and
    remain courteous while handling difficult customers?
  4. Will your employees go the extra mile to help customers and
    provide outstanding customer service?

These questions are not meant to discourage you, but merely a good starting point to
begin improving the quality of your customer service. Your goal should be to obtain
a reputation as a company that provides excellent customer service.
Achieving that goal should not be too difficult, especially if you follow the pointers below.

Happy employee equals great service

Make your employees feel valued by the company by offering them incentives,
such as a staff discount, to keep them motivated to provide customers with
great service. One of the ways to keep employees happy and motivated is to
have them go through training programmes.

The right employee in the right position

Make sure that your front line is anchored by employees who are friendly,
positive and possess good personality. They should also possess good knowledge about
your business. Placing those who have customer service credentials to deal with
customers would be a definite advantage.

Human technology

Using technology to make your business run more efficiently is good,
but make sure you don’t overuse it. Customers can easily get frustrated when
they are put on hold indefinitely by automated phone systems.
This could be counter-productive and reduce your business bottom line.

Aim to satisfy your customers by going the extra mile

Whenever you receive complaints, always deal with them swiftly.
A delay in providing the solution could lose you precious business.
Also, it is important to treat the customers with respect no matter how difficult
the situation is.

Find out as much information about the problem they are facing and
go the extra mile to satisfy your customer. Taking care of their needs will ensure
a repeat business in the future.

Say thanks and ask for customer feedback

Never forget to show your appreciation to the customers by sincerely saying thank you.
Customers will value your sincerity and remember the good service
your company provided. You can ask the feedback of your customers to
determine if you are already providing good services and
how you can improve more upon them.

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