About Us

At Technology in Business, our mission statement is to find information on the best and most productive technologies that can be used for any modern business.
To this end we have sourced and curated the most up to date articles and video content that will help you and your business stay in touch with all the latest technology.

We understand that as a busy business owner you need to find advice and tips on the areas of technology that will impact your business. A lot of business people don’t have access to an
in house IT professional and trawling the internet can be a time consuming task.
So we created Technology in Business to source and curate the content we think you will need and use in your daily business.

Technology Content – Curated and Organised

In Technology in Business we have curated, grouped and organised this content into categories that can be relevant to your business. You can pick a category that might focus on your industry or service or just look up general technology news to stay up to date on the latest technology advances and developments.

Some of these categories include:

  • Technology News
  • Business Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Car Technology
  • Home technology
  • Mobile business

Plus many more.

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Thanks the TIB Team

Technology in Business is a corporate brand dedicated to Promoting
greater use of technology in Business. Technological advances in
the past few decades have greatly increased the competitive nature of business,
our aim is to continue this trend by providing you with the latest
information and best technologies available today.

Our Services include:

Asset Management Systems

Asset Management

In any business the monitoring and protection of your main business 
assets is a key element to your success. We have an extensive range of
asset management systems and solutions that use the latest
technologies for you to choose from.

Business Support

Technology Systems

We can offer you the latest technology systems including cloud
based solutions to enhance your day to day activities of
information management and storage.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

We offer a full range of business sales and marketing support services
including website design and upgrades, e-commerce solutions,
branding and print as well a promotional merchandise.

Business Training

Business Training

If you are looking to train your staff in the latest applications
then we offer you a range of Business training
options including Online training courses.