7 HR Technology Trends that will Revolutionise the Workplace


Human resources practices have evolved over the years and continue to do so. Like many other areas of business, there is now a strong focus on technology. The way that different technologies can help to improve HR practice are many and varied. Each year new trends emerge and grow as businesses find out what works for them. HR technology has begun to focus on monitoring and encouraging employee productivity. It is helping HR departments to engage with employees on an individual level. It is also becoming easier to fulfill a variety of requirements. For example, compliance with rules and regulations can be easier. Read on to discover some of the top trending technologies in HR today.

Mobile Technology
Everything in the World of Business is becoming more Mobile. There are several things that make this possible. These include mobile devices and apps, as well as cloud technology. Mobile technologies mean that HR professionals and the talent they manage are not tied to their desks. Mobile technologies can open up possibilities. They include allowing employees access to some HR functions via an app. It means that HR can monitor employees when they’re out of the office. HR professionals can work away from their desks too.

Cloud Solutions
Cloud technology is being used in a range of industries to offer solutions to many issues. Cloud-based HR Software can be accessed anywhere. There is no need to install it on a computer or other device. They are more mobile than traditional software, so they tie in with the rise in mobile technology. Cloud solutions often present a more affordable option too. They are often subscription based. This makes them scalable and can keep expenses down for smaller businesses. Some cloud-based technology even provides simple functions for free.

Encouraging Employee Engagement
Soliciting feedback and engagement from employees has become a significant trend in HR. The technology on offer reflects that, with tools designed to keep staff involved. They can offer software designed to collect feedback. It can monitor engagement and get views on the workplace culture. These tools can come in the form of mobile apps. They can offer a greater level of anonymity to employees. This is something they might feel they don’t receive with traditional surveys. Better feedback from staff makes it easier to improve satisfaction.

Online Training
Online training has been growing as a trend. Many companies are looking for affordable solutions to offer training to their staff. Online materials are cheaper than a classroom or hiring training experts from outside. They can also be more flexible. They allow employees to complete their training at convenient times. However, some businesses use training materials from a variety of sources. New technologies are helping to bring different materials together on one easy-to-use platform.

Predictive Analytics
Hiring someone new is always a risk, but being able to make predictions makes it easier. Predictive analytics is useful not just for hiring but also for existing employees. Various technologies can make it possible to identify disruptive employees. They can suggest training, and identify who should receive promotions or transfers. They can also predict how often someone might take time off and perform other tasks.

Talent Management Science
Talent management software was once provided as individual technologies, often made by small vendors. They are now increasingly being integrated into ERP suites. This makes their use smoother and more intuitive. All talent management requirements can be fulfilled in the same place as many other processes. Instead of having separate tools for each task, everything can be managed on one platform, saving time and money. These suites are better suited to larger businesses than the smaller offerings.

Performance Management
The way that many organizations want to manage performance is changing. They are already changing their practices, and they need the software to reflect that. New performance management techniques involve using feedback. They can create an easier and better relationship with staff. Many businesses have updated their performance management system recently.

They aim to help support their team in their daily needs. Instead of having annual reviews, companies want to assess everything in real time. The new technologies that people need are still growing, and some businesses have yet to find the solutions that they need. Some smaller companies might be happy with what currently exists. But larger businesses may still be searching for something that fulfils their requirements.

Technology in the HR world is continuing to evolve, with new trends still emerging. Using these technologies has a big impact on the workplace, changing how it operates.