7 Great Crowdsourcing Tools for Business

With crowdsourcing you can get your Business-Crowdsourcing
valuable tasks completed by outsourcing
these tasks to a group of people rather
than a single contractor.


In this context, we have collected 7
of the best Crowdsourcing tools for you.

Here they are in no particular order:-


1: Crowdflower: – This tool effectively analyses, edits and manages
large amounts of data. It breaks the project into small tasks that
can be completed by people all over the world.


2: Poptent: – PopTent enhances engagement and creativity of your
videos to generate high quality video content for online,
mobile and broadcast.

3: 99designs: – This is one of the effective platforms that provide
popular ways for brands to get logo or graphic design.


4: Smartsheet: -This project management platform allows you to assign
tasks to your own team and  fill any gaps with their virtual workforce.


5: Mob4Hire:- Mob4Hire are experts at increasing traffic to your landing
page and getting more mobile users to download your app.


6: Geniusrocket: – Genius Rocket creates commercials,
viral videos, education videos and animations for your product\services,
which in turn brings visibility and revenue to your business.

7: Utest :- This tool helps you to test your application in order find bugs
and other anomalies. You can receive feedback and quickly find solutions.


We hope you find these tools of value



The TIB Team


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