15 Great Online Apps for promoting your Business

Getting your company image out to potential  Samsung-Galaxy-Note-2
customers is vital to building your business.

Many new web based and desktop software products
make the job a lot easier and more cost efficient.
From designing a logo to producing and then
distributing crisp, up-to-date business cards,
one of these software products is bound to
fit your market niche.


  1. SpringPublisher
    Designed for desktop Windows, this MSI file (2MB) creates artwork quickly. SpringPublisher,
    a multi-talented program, provides a creative, cost effective tool for generating business cards,
    letterhead, flyers, etc. It includes a variety of fonts, shapes, and vectors to insert into your artwork.
    Easy and convenient to use, you can edit more than one image simultaneously through the tab
    system. SpringPublisher is free. Your designs can be printed and are 96/180 DPI. The program offers
    pro option as an upgrade. Springpublisher
  2. Deyey
    Considered one of the top web sites for obtaining professional business cards, Deyey has a wealth of templates, backgrounds, text, and fonts as well as upload capability for pictures, logos, etc. in jpg, png, and gif. Business cards can be created, archived, and printed in high resolution format. Adobe Flash Player 8 or higher is required. Free.Deyey offers the extra service of a file storage system which includes 100MB storage space. Files of any type – image, video, document – can be uploaded and stored. Cards created on the system can be shared, embedded on your website, blog, and online profiles. Retrieval of files and cards is quick using tagged
    folders. Free. www.deyey.com
  3. CardXC
    Offering templates to design your business cards, CardXC produces business cards in record time. From
    elegant to artistic, they have a template for your taste and the flexibility to add your own creative touches.
    Cards can be printed in hard copy, saved as a vcard, or embedded on your website. www.cardxc.com
  4. BusinessCardStar
    Creation of business cards online is easy with BusinessCardStar. Loads of templates, layouts, and font
    choices plus multiple text and color choices are part of this user-friendly package. After you create your
    card, download and print from your printer or order printing online. www.businesscardstar.com
  5. QR-Code Business Cards
    The future has arrived via QR-Code Business Cards (QRCBC). Smartphones, including BlackBerry and
    Google’s Android recognize QR codes. App installation, image and music transmission, URLs, and
    contact registration (a bonus for businesses) are available. Creating your electronic card can be done
    quickly and painlessly.Users can print in PDF format. There is no registration required and it’s free.
    • Choose one of the QRCBC templates
    • Enter your name and business information – address, phone numbers, websites, etc
    • RCBC converts the data into a 2D barcode

6. Spartx
The web based, Spartx, assists in the creation of virtual business cards (vcards) which you can post on your
website, blog, and social network profiles. You can also print hard copies to distribute. As with standard
business cards, vcards can be customized and revised. Templates with a variety of text styles and colors are
available to coordinate your business or service type to your business card. Registration is required to obtain
your individual URL. Profile information can be abbreviated or expanded to include career accomplishments
and your resume. Your profile information is used to create your business card. Spartx will also organize and
store your contacts on Spartx, a nice extra. www.spartx.com

7. Business Card Generator
Create business cards free and take the PDF file to any printer to print your new cards. Business Card Genera
tor lets you add a custom logo to your card or use one of their templates. You can design as many cards as you
need, changing fonts and realigning as needed. Free. www.degraeve.com/business-cards

8. Big First Name
Easy and organized, Big First Name, a web based service to create name tags promotes big names on the tags
to generate conversation among conference, meeting, or party goers. A variety of designs are available. The
ability to upload your file with the names of the attendees, which it converts to name tags, is a bonus. A PDF
file with all the nametags can be printed. big.first.name

9. LogoSnap
Entrepreneurs have never been stronger. Crossing international borders electronically in greater numbers
every day, each one needs a quickly, recognizable logo to bring their products and services to the forefront.
LogoSnap fills that need with both free and fee-for-hire services for custom designed logos. A user-friendly
approach to creating unique logos, their process is easy to follow.

  • Create an account so your designs are saved
  • Choose service type from their list
  • Select a symbol to include in your logo (symbol list for each type)
  • Customize your logo
  • Download and save your logo (PNG, JPG, EPS)

    Web based Band-Flyers is an easy to use site that helps you create flyers to be printed in hard copy or
    embedded on your blog or website. Images and text can be added to the Band-Flyers customized layouts
    with many borders, colors, and font to choose from. Free. www.band-flyers.com

11. PDFfiller
It’s annoying when you have to stop and print PDF forms to complete by hand or buy expensive PDF
professional readers. PDFfiller eliminates those annoyances, allowing users to upload PDF forms from
online or their desktop, complete them, and email or fax the filled-in form from the website’s interface.
Fee for use. www.pdffiller.com

12. Autofill PDF Labels
Web based Autofill PDF Labels is a handy tool to quickly design and print labels in a variety of shapes and
sizes. With an array of templates, you can add images and different text to personalize your labels (folders,
DVD, mailing, packing), name badges, business cards, and so much more. A bonus is the auto-fill feature.
Insert information into one field and the other fields are completed automatically, or you can auto-fill parts
of a label and manually fill the rest. Free with no registration required.

13. FreePDFCards
It doesn’t come any easier than FreePDFCards to create new business cards. Enter your information – name,
address, website, etc. – and upload your logo. You can change the text to customize your creation. Your PDF
file can be printed on any printer. Free. www.freepdfcards.com

14. EasyIdCard
Need employee identification cards or maybe want a unique name badge for your upcoming club meeting?
Consider using EasyIdCard, a web based company that creates ID badges online with no limit on the number you
make. Templates are available – medical, service dogs, corporate, blank, etc. ID badges can be customized by
adding logos, images, barcodes, text, or color along with features such as crop, resize, and rotate. Print from
your own printer for free or order on line (comes with a charge.) www.easyidcard.com

15. MyBrochureMaker
Web based, MyBrochureMaker creates brochures and flyers. Themed templates are available for some businesses – salon, contractor, medical, travel, real estate, and many more. Brochures come with or without the mailing panel. Completed brochures can be archived on MyBrochureMaker. The service comes with a printing guide so you can print from your computer. Complaints that this free service do not deliver are easy to find. www.mybrochuremaker.com

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