12 Tools to help you Create Great Infographics to Promote your Business

Infographics are a great Business Promotion Tool

Info-graphics are popular way to convey stats, data, Infographic-Resources
and other useful information. No other medium can convey
information as quickly and effectively as a good infographic.

so they are a great marketing tool for business, we have assembled
a list of the best online tools to help you create Infographics.

1: Infogr.am:-
This tool comes with very nice themes and an impressive interface for creating
simple and effective infographics. You can also embed your infographics on a website
and publish it to the infogra.am website.

2: Stat Planet: –
Customize and Create interactive visualizations with Stat Planet.
It provides a range of web-based and desktop software
to fulfill your mapping and visualization requirements.

3: Present.me:-This tool allows you to record yourself talking
just next to the slides you are presenting. Very effective for those you work remotely.

4: Tagxedo:-Turn your words in visually appealing word cloud.
You can choose from many standard fonts and save images for printing and sharing.

5: Piktochart: – Create simple visualizations with this web based tool.
Drag and drop different shapes and images, add simple line, bar, and pie charts and much more.

6: Fluxvfx :- Select your templates and create video infographics.
With this tool, you can create professional videos with great looking motion graphics.

7: Visual.ly:- This tool analyzes Twitter and Facebook data by integrating with social networks.

8: Wordle :- This is another effective word visualizations tool.
You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.

9: Easel.ly:- This is best tool available for conceptual visualizations
and storytelling. With the free version, you can also upload your own images.

10: Vizify: – This Twitter infographic tool showcases details from your tweetstream,
which includes: top followers, most-retweeted posts, and more.
You can also get awesome infographics (by building a Vizify bio.

11: TimelineJS:-  This tool pull in media from different sources like, Flickr,
Twitter, Google Maps, Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, Wikipedia and many
more to help you create infographics. Isn’t it great!

12: Photo Stats: –This iphone App analyze all photos on your iphone
and generates very stylish infographics.

We hope you find these tools of value.

The TIB Team

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