Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Systems are increasingly being used in commercial
and industrial buildings to collect, store and re-use the water for the day to day operational needs.

With the possibility of commercial water rates and environmental impact considerations
more and more businesses are looking at ways to reduce their water needs and thus
make real savings for the business and environment.

How do they harvest water?
Its early versions were simply gathering the rainwater in a tank.
Today, our rain harvesting systems are much more improved and efficient
with the addition of a couple of elements, such as pressure vessels, pumps and filters.
Commercial and industrial premises normally have large roof spaces with the opportunity
to recoup high volumes of water.

A typical rainwater harvesting system has the following elements:

  • A surface to catch water, this is generally found on your roof
  • Channels for water transport from catch surface to the storage tank
  • Filters to filter particles in rainwater.
  • Pumps and pressure vessels to pressurise water and keep water pressurised.
  • Water storage tank to store ready-to-use water.
  • Piping system to transport water to the points of consumption.

What will be your savings?
This is dependent on many factors. The most important one is, which part Ireland you live in.
This is important to know the annual rain figures for that area.


Also the surface you will use for catching the water plays an important role in the calculations.
When some average values are taken, you can save about €1 for each square meter of your
horizontal water catch surface annually. Rainwater harvesting systems pay for
themselves in a short time, generally a few years.


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