Hone Testimonials

Installer Says – Alan Poots – CA Services, Belfast, UK.

When we carried out the 4 RHI installations for the UK NHS (National Health Service) at Musgrave Park Hospital, we were shocked at the instant performance from the HONE installations. They immediately outperformed both heat pump and solar hot water installations we have done in the past. This is clearly something very new and powerful. To see HONE providing 100% of the heating ring main and hot water on a hospital building using daylight as the only fuel is head scratching stuff. The first month produced a whopping COP of 1:221.

– Alan Poots, Managing Director

Architect Consultant’s Says – Stephen Hayes, Dublin. Ireland.

When we work with clients to design and build new homes, they expect the best result in terms of architecture and energy. The fact that we can now design low energy cost new build homes at a lower build cost is a spectacular advance.With really tough building regulations and challenging Part L requirements, Ireland has now the toughest building regulations in Europe from 2014. Before HONE, meeting these seemed impossible, but now we can design large A2 homes with annual heating bills of €100, all thanks to HONE. That’s a 75% lower energy requirement than a heat pump. Watching the performance in action is quite staggering. We recommend nothing else but HONE as nothing else can compete with HONE currently.

– Stephen Hayes, Principle

Energy Schemes Says – Myles Monaghan – TiC Green Energy, UK
(member of the UK Parliamentary Cross Party Group for Energy Efficiency & Fuel Poverty )

There are many advantages with HONE technology due to the excellent harvest of RHI income over legacy renewable heat. Commercial RHI is metered and this is a distinct advantage for faster payback. This technology is a game changer in building design and retrofit. Now we have real options to lower the consumption of oil, gas and electricity for heating and hot water use.

– Myles Monaghan, Director

Commercial Customer Says – George McCracken – Belfast Trust, National Health Service, UK

Surface Power HONE is a new technology in the area of renewable heating. We have achieved a healthcare first in Ireland and the UK by deploying it to provide full service heating and hot water provision on a hospital campus. The ability to harness new technologies especially ones that work on daylight only as a fuel input are fundamental to the UK National Health Service cutting its energy and carbon costs.

– George McCracken, Head of Estates NHS

Customer Says – Mr .G. Stanmore – United Kingdom.

I had a ground source heat pump installed 3 years ago in my 4,500 sq ft home during a big makeover. I was assured my bills would be a fraction of my old heating oil bill. They were in fact higher. Thankfully, I was able to upgrade with a custom HONE add-on to my heat pump buffer and I thank all at Surface Power who did the design for my contractor. The results are fantastic.

– G. Stanmore.

Customer Says – Mr. D. Thomas – United Kingdom.

I removed a solar hot water system and upgraded to a HONE install in 2012 and I am shocked at the performance, I am getting hot water 10 months of the year without any other input. My bills have collapsed. My advice to anyone going to renewable’s, get real evidence of performance from a real customer. The Surface Power online displays helped me do my research. Surface Power were the only company with online access to real systems.

– D. Thomas

Energy Advisor Says – Keith Delaney, Dublin, Ireland.

I can’t express my astonishment greatly enough at seeing the performance gap between heat pumps, solar hot water and HONE installations. Everyday, we are approached by home owners who have gone the renewable heating route and have had bad outcomes such as huge electricity bills and low levels of comfort. However, customers with HONE installations seem to be as shocked as I am about the performance they are achieving. I sat in a 13 year old house which was snug and warm with a HONE Central Heating installation and it was raining and the system was harvesting over 55C from free daylight. Their heating bills were down by €3,000 a year and they weren’t even trying that hard. 55C is a higher temperature than a heat pump reaches on the best of days. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I simply wouldn’t believe it. I can only recommend HONE based on the evidence.

– Keith Delaney, Principle

Customer Says – D Sweeney, Ireland,

We have a full HONE central heating system in our 14 year old concrete block bungalow for 5 years. We have saved approx €15,000 in heating bills since it was installed. It’s fully automatic, love the online monitoring and the heating app. We have hot water on tap 12 months of the year. Our house has never been as comfortable as it is now. Next year the system will have fully paid for itself. Everyone thinks I am mad when I tell them most of our heating and hot water comes from the sky. The performance is amazing.

– D. Sweeney.

Installer Says – Stephen Osman – Acara Energy, Dublin.

After installing solar hot water and heat pumps for many years, we switched to HONE after our customers started raving about it and the performance especially in winter. We always want to be associated with the best so Surface Power HONE is all we recommend anymore.

– Stephen Osman, Managing Director

Energy Scheme Contractor Says – Mark Roberts – EcoBoiler Company, UK.

The larger RHI payments in commercial projects are an advantage for multiple schemes such as nursing homes and care homes which we are developing across the UK. The more the meter spins, the quicker the payback. No one can question the superior performance from HONE technology. It’s payback is just much quicker than any other RHI option.

– Mark Roberts, Managing Director


Customer Says – Mrs N. Heenan – Ireland.

We had a full heating installation completed by Ecoflex Energy and everything works like a charm. We have hot water on tap and no amount of showers can make it run out. Thanks to Ecoflex for a job well done. I am looking forward to low gas bills this coming winter.

– N Heenan.