Hone Daylight Thermal Energy System


A revolutionary new Heating System called Hone that employs the latest in
Nano Technology . This Patented Daylight thermal harvester astonishingly
produces 21 times more Energy Compared to existing Solar Thermal Systems.

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What is HONE ?
HONE is a revolutionary new Home Heating System
that employs the latest in Nano Technology to harvest Free daylight from the sky.
It has been designed to excel in challenging climates with cloud, wind and rain,
and is 21 times more powerful than standard Solar Thermal
What is the main advantage with HONE ?
You can reduce your reliance on Oil
or Gas by up to 85%. By swithching to a system that uses
FREE Daylight, all you need is overcast cloudy skies for it to work.
What is COP? and why is Hone’s so high ?
The COP is the coefficient of performance or the ratio of Heating provided to Electrical Energy consumed. The COP is so high for 2 reasons, the fuel is FREE and the performance is very high. COP’s are typically higher than 1:250.
What is payback like ?
As you can imagine, the fuel is FREE for life so payback is really quick.
What are others saying about Hone?
Feedback from people on this System is very good.
Here are what others are saying about Hone : Customer Testimonials
Can i see a system in Action?
Yes you can see the Power of HONE, right here right now:See a System Live

What do I need to do to my Building?
HONE works with any building of any age. You can use it with radiators, ducting systems, under floor or any existing heating or cooling infrastructure. You do not need special radiators orother such modifications. HONE is an energysystem thatworks at oil or gas boiler temperatures.

How is it installed?
The installations are easy and straight forward. A heating system typically takes 2 days and a hotwater system 1 day. HONE systems don’t use any additional buffer volume as HONE is a very high temperature technology and interfaces as your boiler does.

Can i avail of Government Grants and Tarrifs such as RHI?
Yes, HONE is a thermal renewable technology and is MCS certified, HARP certified and a member of all government certification schemes and programs around the world.
How can i find out more about Hone?
Just complete our online form and we will get one
of our regional representatives to contact you.

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